Les formations <WebForce3> Dessinateur AutoCAD – En anglais (Ouverture prochaine)

Durée de la formation : 385 heures (11 semaines)

Introduction to AutoCAD : (Basics 1 = 70hrs)

  • Opening the program
  • beginning new drawings
  • learning commands, controlling CAD in various techniques
  • a basic familiarization with the program.

Advanced Basics : (Basics 2 = 105hrs)

  • Setting up personal style of drafting
  • Creating and Modifying drawings
  • Learning how to control paper and model spaces using viewports
  • Creating drawings with relative scale
  • Creating and modifying blocks
  • Printing/Plotting to scale
  • Importing external references
  • Creating and controlling points

Learning different applications of AutoCAD : (70hrs)

  • Touching on different areas of AutoCAD
  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Land surveying
  • Drones

Utilizing and combination of all skills : (70hrs)

  • A finalization and assessment of all skills obtained and practiced throughout the course of this program
  • Students can fine tune their skills and continue to practice with AutoCAD

Project creation and modification : (70hrs)

  • Students will create a business logo, along with borders and designs, based on a given set of instructions and boundaries, but will be allowed some creative control in order for them to produce a fully finalized map that will be relative to scale and every aspect they learn throughout this course


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